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Playground Safety

May 2017

Playgrounds and backyard swing sets provide fun, fresh air, and exercise. But they also can pose some safety hazards. While outdoors this summer, stay safe while following these simple tips from Elmer.

  • Avoid wearing hooded sweatshirts or other clothing with long strings that could get tangled and become a choking hazard.
  • If you rode your bicycle or rollerblades to the park, remember to take of your helmet, so the straps won’t get caught in anything.
  • Be careful of metal slides. The sun can make them very hot.
  • Don't go barefoot. Always wear your shoes. If you go barefoot, you could get a splinter or a cut.
  • Play only on dry equipment. If it is wet, you could slip and fall.
  • Go down the slide one at a time. Wait until the person in front of you is on the ground and has moved away from the slide.
  • Move away from the slide as soon as you reach the ground.
  • Always slide sitting down and facing forward. NEVER slide down headfirst.
  • Guardrails are there to protect you. Don't climb over them.
  • Sit down when you swing.
  • Swing with only one person per swing.
  • Wait until the swing stops before you get off.
  • Be careful when you walk in front of moving swings. Don’t get too close or you could get hit accidentally.
  • Climb steps slowly and hold onto the handrails.