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Home Safety!

September 2020

When the house gets a bit messy and items get misplaced, do you know how to spot possible safety issues? Spend a bit of time with your family every month going around the house to make sure everything is safe. Items can be misplaced, moved, or put in a position where they can be problematic pretty easily. Ask your mom and dad for help while you look around your house and list anything that could be a safety hazard. This list could include:

  • If the smoke alarm is working and has batteries. You should have one on each floor.
  • If there is a fire extinguisher on each floor, accessible for anyone who needs it.
  • Are matches and lighters safely put away?
  • Are electrical outlets overloaded? Outlets shouldn’t have more than two plugs in them at any time.
  • Are the handles from pots or pans dangling over the edge of the stove where they could get bumped into?
  • Are the stairs blocked or hard to get by because they’re cluttered?

Safety starts at home. Identify issues before they become problems and you’ll have plenty of time to address them.