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Parents & Educators

This month Elmer talks about bicycle safety. The ‘Find Out More Message’ explains the concept of a promise, and why it’s important to keep promises to stay safe while cycling.

Cycling is great exercise, but safety concerns abound if children are not aware of road rules or if they fail to follow safety rules. It is important to review cycling safety information often, and to ask children questions about what they do to stay safe when on their bikes. This will help you determine whether they are grasping the concepts and keeping their bike safety promises.

Canada Safety Council’s website has numerous resources to help you teach your children about bike safety. Among our tips, we emphasize always wearing a helmet when cycling; wearing the helmet properly (i.e., not too high on the head, adjust straps to fit); and using proper signals when turning or stopping. Set a good example and follow these rules yourself – the kids will notice! Also, accompany your children on their cycling excursions whenever possible to supervise and correct their cycling behaviours as needed.