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Outdoor Winter Fun

January 2021

Before heading outdoors for some winter fun, below are some winter safety reminders.

  • Dress warm when playing outdoors. Always wear your hat outdoors because most body heat is lost through the head.
  • You should never play outside alone. Play with one or more of your friends, so that you can look out for one another.
  • Check in from time to time with your parents.
  • Take frequent breaks and go inside for a warm drink.
  • Never put your tongue on cold metal. It may sound silly, but some kids still do it.
  • Do not play in or on snowbanks. The driver of the snowplow or other vehicle may not see you.
  • Play in an area away from roads, fences, and water.
  • Do not build snow forts or make tunnels. They may collapse and you could suffocate.
  • Don't throw snowballs. Snowballs fights can lead to injuries, especially to the eyes. Snowballs are more dangerous if the snow is hard-packed or contains a rock or some other hard object.