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Wearing the appropriate equipment when playing sports

There are many excellent reasons for kids to play sports, such as fun, exercise, being with peers, pursuing a common goal, developing coordination and skills, learning about winning and losing and making a commitment. The important thing is to talk to your child about their interests. Find out what sports appeal to them.

It is extremely important for children to wear the appropriate equipment for the sport they are playing.

In sports like hockey or football, incorrect equipment such inappropriate padding or wrong-sized helmets creates a safety hazard.

In sports like soccer or baseball, incorrect equipment such as wrong-sized cleats or shin pads can lead to blisters and sores, which will reduce the child’s enjoyment of the activity.

It is important for parents to know that required and correct equipment does not always mean new equipment, which can be very expensive. Check with your team’s coach or other parents about where to find used equipment. Children equipment gets out grown long before it becomes unusable.

The following are sources for parents to research to see what equipment is required for the sport their child will be playing.

Canadian Soccer Association:

Baseball Canada:

Football Canada:

Hockey Canada:

Other resources for parents to refer to:

Health Canada:

Canadian Standards Association:

While not all children enjoy playing team sports, there are other ways to stay active, such as hiking, cycling, walking, bowling, swimming and others.

Keeping children active will:

·         Build strong bones and strengthen muscles

·         Maintain flexibility

·         Maintain and achieve a healthy weight

·         Promote good posture and balance

·         Improve fitness

·         Strengthen the heart

·         Improve physical self-esteem

·         Increase relaxation

·         Enhance healthy growth and development