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Physical activity can be fun for the whole family!

Physical activity can be fun for you and your children. If your children prefer not to be active, this is a problem, but there are things that you can do to change their behaviours.

Kids love computers, video games and television. While these activities can be educational and contribute to mental development, children need physical activity for healthy physical growth.

While participation in sports is encouraged, children need to know that sports are not the only way to stay active. Not all children enjoy competition. For those who don’t, physical activity alternatives such as hiking, household chores, cycling, walking and other activities are essential.

As a family member, you can work with your children to encourage healthy behaviours by setting some physical activity ground rules. Encourage your children to play outside, and try to be an active role model yourself. Usually, active parents will have active kids. It’s important to start physical activity early, as inactive kids may become inactive adults. Tie rewards to physical activity goals – so much physical activity and then you can have so much TV or computer time. It works.