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Parents & Educators

The summer months can be a challenge for working parents. Full-time jobs often make it difficult to spend any quality time with the children, but it’s not impossible to work some time into your schedule. Weekend mornings are usually a great time to take the kids out on the lake for a few hours of fishing. It’s a great, quiet activity without much required setup, and the bonding experience it provides is invaluable.

Before you set out, it’s important that you make yourself aware of the province’s fishing regulations. Most provinces have a maximum amount of fish that you’re allowed to catch and retain for food. You may also need a fishing license, depending on your location, to catch and retain a fish. Using the catch and release method is an easier approach to take because there’s less red tape.

Be sure to bring enough supplies, including bait, sunscreen and some food if you plan on having lunch on the boat. You might also consider using a lure instead of live bait.

Every year many drownings and accidents occur, which could be avoided if people put safety first. Teach your family the proper rules to follow so they can enjoy Canadian waterways.

Boating Safety

  • Always wear a personal flotation device or a life jacket while boating.
  • Boaters must be aware of swimming areas, large ships, shipping areas, water skiers, seadoos, fishermen, anchored vessels, docks and moorings.
  • An overloaded boat can tip over or sink even when there is no wind and the water is calm.  Small boats have a capacity plate that tells how many people and how much weight can safely be put in the boat.
  • Take a boating course.

Fishing can be a pleasant, calm and rewarding activity. Have fun casting lines with your children!