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  • Place a flashlight in your Jack 0' Lantern instead of a candle; the flame can cause a fire.
  • Costumes should be bright in colour or made of reflective material.
  • Avoid masks. They obstruct a child's view.
  • Avoid children's costumes with capes or droopy pants. Both may become caught and could hurt the child.
  • If you put makeup on your child's face, try not to get it too close to the eyes. Some makeup may cause irritation.
  • Test run your child's costume. Check for problems.
  • Dress your children warmly, but comfortably as well.
  • Set perimeters in your neighbourhood.
  • Set a reasonable curfew.
  • Supply your children with their home phone number and some quarters in case they get lost.
  • Tell your children to stay alert to danger.
  • Accompany young children.
  • Tell your children not to eat en route.
  • Inspect your children's candy before they eat it.
  • For extra safety, organize a Halloween party at home.