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This month Elmer talks about staying safe when playing outside in the winter.

There are many winter recreational activities for kids to enjoy this time of year. But there are also lots of safety considerations to keep in mind, and those can vary depending on the activity.

The safety message this month is intended to help children recognize and avoid potential hazards. For example, slipping on snow or ice presents the risk of children falling and hurting themselves by hitting their heads. Talk with your kids about the importance of wearing a helmet when taking part in activities such as skating, tobogganing or hockey.

Teach children to know their limits. Hypothermia is a real concern if children aren’t adequately bundled up or if there are low temperatures, a wind chill or prolonged exposure. Encourage them to come inside and warm up often.

While it may not be possible to prepare for every scenario, having a general sense of what is safe and what is not equips a child with knowledge to make good decisions when playing outdoors.