Message from Elmer the Safety Elephant

When I use the computer, I almost forget the important safety rules to follow. But I am an elephant and I never forget. Do you remember all the important rules when you use the computer?

Let’s look at them together again.

If you remember to follow these Internet safety rules, you will be smart and be safe.

  • I do not give out personal information online without my parent’s permission.

    This means that I never give my name, phone number, house address, e-mail address or location of my home or school. I don’t post photos of myself unless my parents say it is OK to share with a friend or family member by e-mail.

  • I create a personalized nickname.

    This safety rule is fun. I have to choose a name that does not say whether I am a boy or a girl. My friends will know that it is me.

  • I have a password.

    This safety rule is also fun. I have to create a password that is unique and hard to guess, but easy for me to remember. No one except my parents, know what it is… not even my best friend.

  • I will only “chat” with people I know.

    When I am old enough and start to e-mail and use chat messages, I will only communicate with people that I know and that my parents approuve of.

  • I will tell my parents when something makes me feel uncomfortable.

    This is not so fun. Sometimes, things are written or shown on the computer that makes me feel uncomfortable. I know to tell my parents right away.

  • I will have good “Netiquette”.

    Good “Netiquette” is good etiquette on the Net. This means that I will treat others with respect. I will not send rude or mean messages and I will not post things such as words or photos from someone else.

  • Finally, I will not believe everything that I read or see on the Internet!

    I will know to check it out and ask my parents about it.