Message from Elmer the Safety Elephant

I love waiting for the school bus to arrive. I have my lunch in my backpack and I am looking forward to seeing all my friends on the school bus and at school. Sometimes I get very excited and almost forget my safety rules around a school bus. But that does not happen… because an elephant never forgets! Do you?

Here are things to remember waiting for the bus:

  • Arrive five minutes ahead of your school bus pick up time.
  • Wait for the school bus far from the side of road, away from the traffic.
  • Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before advancing.
  • Board the bus using the handrail.
  • Never pick up anything off the ground around the outside of the bus. Tell the driver first and wait until they say it is OK or ask an adult to help you.

Here are things to remember while riding the bus:

  • Never run, push, shout or throw things in the bus. It is forbidden to stick anything out of the window.
  • Sit promptly and sit facing forward with your backpack at your feet.
  • Talk quietly so the driver can concentrate on the road.
  • Save your snack to eat at home, not on the bus.

Here are things to remember for getting off the bus:

  • Take two large steps away from the school bus door and then turn and take ten giant steps down the sidewalk. The bus driver must be able to see you and will give you a signal, if you need to cross.
  • Go straight home and do not take detours.

A good safety tip is to make sure that you are wearing something that is retro-reflective if it is dark when you get on or off the bus. That way, the motorists will always see you. Another good tip is that you should know a couple safe places to go, if you are in trouble or if you need help. Be smart and be safe.